Born and raised in Marseille, Samir Boitard discovers acting in high school.
He soon decides to fully devote himself to it, and attends the Conservatory of Paris’ 17th arondissement , with Michele Garay.

He makes his first steps in cinema thanks to Cannes Young Talents Adami 2003.

On this occasion, he plays in ‘L’ Epicerie, directed by Marina de Van, a short film presented at the Cannes film festival. He is singled out by his first agent and starts working on small roles.

Among others, he features in ‘Président’ by Lionel Delplanque, in which he plays opposite Albert Dupontel and in ‘Cash’ by Eric Besnard alongside Jean Reno and Jean Dujardin.

In 2008, he obtains a major role in season 2 of ‘Engrenages’ a Canal + series, in which he plays a Donnie Brasco-like undercover cop.
Two seasons later, in season 4, he marks the spirits with a long-awaited and explosive come-back.

In 2011 he obtains the lead role in the TV movie ‘Chien de guerre’ by Fabrice Cazeneuve.
During a screening of this movie at the Max Linder cinema in Paris, Samir is spotted for a feature film whose shooting was completed this summer. It is the next feature film of Mohammed Lakhdar-Hamina (“Chronique des années de braise”, Palme d’Or at Cannes in 1975) about the war in Algeria. Samir had one of the three main roles, with Nicolas Bridet and Laurent Hennequin.

Equally inspired by and trained in martial arts, the latter have become a lifestyle, a source of creativity and a powerful tool to build up his career.

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